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$ Communication Is More Than Words (Infopeople)

  • Is everyone talking and no one listening?
  • Are you afraid to speak up because your idea may get shot down?
  • Is stress causing people to misunderstand what's being said?

Communicating is the foundation of almost every human interaction, and it’s more than simply choosing the right words. We may have learned to deliver a speech and persuade or argue for a position, but we seldom learn how to listen and engage in constructive conflict.  


Mastering the art of communication involves choosing words, understanding preferences, and learning to interpret body language, tone and gesture as well as listening without bias or judgment. Fortunately these are all skills that can be learned.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • The various forms of communication
  • What great communicators do
  • To spot communication preferences and improve your chances of being heard
  • To use non-verbal cues to create openness
  • How our brains filter what we hear
  • What to do when it’s hard to listen
  • How to stay present and listen actively
  • To avoid trigger words like “always” and "never"
  • Tools to engage in constructive conflict
  • How to effectively communicate ideas to higher ups

As a result of this course you will have a new understanding of how we communicate in every situation, an awareness of the challenges involved in communicating effectively as well as the tools to improve conversations with customers and co-workers.


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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
All Day Event
Online - At Your Computer
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